Emergency Printable Pet Cards

Emergency Printable Pet Cards

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If you are like me then your pets are like your children. I created these for my home and pets and thought I just had to share these with everyone else that way if anything were to happen you would be able to make sure your pets were taken care of. 

In the printable version you get:

1 Sticker or you can print and tape to your door or inside your window with boxes where you indicate just how many animals you have. 

1 front side and back side business card so you can take it with you and keep it on you at all times with an emergency contact for your pets.

You can print as many times as you like ♥


With the hard copy version (I only ship within US) you get: 

2 Stickers for your home 

and 5 cards for your wallet or bag.

Part of the purchase will go to the Ky Humane Society