I hope you are never a Victim of Online Bullying or Trolling

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Yesterday I made a post in a couple Buy/sell/trade groups looking for some photographers who wanted to try some of my products. I did not ask for CC (constructive criticism) the rest of this post is copied from my instagram/facebook... 

I am not one to normally screenshot a post and vent about it. It’s extremely unprofessional. But one thing I absolutely hate is people who #bully or #belittle someone for trying to make an honest living.
How and what in the world is it ok for someone to jump on anybody’s post and sit there and just be shitty. Why do people get off on other people hurting. I’m not gonna lie, this makes me doubt myself, this makes me suck my air in, cringe, and second guess everything I find joy in doing. I love taking photos of my girls, I think my work is beautiful, I try to share how I achieve the look and feel within my images to help other photographers, moms, hobbyists who want to do the same. But now this person has stolen my confidence for taking photos, I am sure for a long time I will be hesitant to post my images or my products for the fear of someone’s response like his.
I hope no one ever has to experience this #onlinebullying , these #trolls who want to steal your joy. Why aren’t we all #buildingeachotherup , why are people choosing to #teareachotherdown .
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Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Any Photographers in here? am looking for some to test out some Actions/presets/ creative tools I've made. **Pic for Attention of my 4 year old** Tap to tag friends SPHOTOSHOPACTIONS Lus Like 2 Comment'

Image may contain: possible text that says '2 Just a quick suggestion it looks ridiculous when you facetune the photos so heavily that every pore disappears. In one of your photos you barely even have noses anymore. Also, turning the background blur up to 2000% percent also looks equally ridiculous. Any kind of fine tuning (*fine* being the operative word) is meant to add to a photo, not subtract from it. 1h Like Reply'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'ગntn Ok for one I did not ask for your Constructive Criticism. For two it is painterly edit within Adobe Photoshop, it is supposed to look like painting, so the blur is purposeful from the 50mm lens used and to editing. For babies and toddlers have amazing skin, you don't really have to retouch them, so besides dodging and burning to give her contrast, rouge for blush that is all done to her face. Plus it's all within the photographers style of editing, art is subjective and some neonle E'

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Image may contain: ‎possible text that says '‎Mna Smith Imao if you think not having noses because you've facetuned the shit out of your photos is fine art, you realize that's ..the thing that any serious photographer is absolutely cackling at? Reply 3m Like ndsay Smith do you really not see nose on her face? just don't understand how this world feels that they need blast their opinion on every single thing especially when it wasn't asked for. I did רes nh hov NIIVG‎'‎

Image may contain: possible text that says 'really not see nose on her face? just understand how this world feels that they need to blast their opinion on every single thing especially when it wasn't asked for. I not ask oh hey guys please tear this pic apart,| I was asking if photographers who were interested in trying out some creative tools created wanted in. am not going to continue feeding into you belittling something I am proud of. So bye luet now ike Ranly'

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Image may contain: possible text that says 'This is just another mom who bought a DSLR off Facebook and is trying to become a photographer because she's insecure that she doesn't contribute to the household income and doesn't feel independent. It's classic, every chick I went to high school with that got knocked up or married too early and never had a real career buys a DSLR off Marketplace and starts doing $30 mini shoots. Like Jesus. 1m Like Reply Write a reply...'

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  • Jai on

    You are very talented…and I love your work and clearly this person demonstrate what true jealousy looks like.

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